Bandai Launches Tamagotchi Mini Series 4



Here we are again! Bandai has just launched the Tamagotchi Mini Series 3 a few weeks ago, and we already have the Series 4! As per usual there are no programming changes, so its merely identical to Series 1-3.

Series 4 includes 8 new shells, some of which may look familiar to the original shells released back in 1997, or from this previous leak. These shells include white/black, yellow/purple, pink/green, purple/blue, green/white, orange/yellow and 2 new flocked shells! THATS RIGHT, MORE FLOCKED SHELLS! If you couldn’t get your hands on the first wave (series 2) of flocked shells, well be prepared to continue the hunt. These two new flocked shells are the ones that were leaked a few months back, remember? Royal Blue and Flocked Red are definitely welcomed additions to the flocked family.


Series 4 will be available on shelves VERY soon, including those flocked shells. MSRP remains at $14.99, they’re currently available for purchase on!