New Dream M!X Leaked!


Another M!X? Say it ain’t so! A new leak shows that Bandai is releasing a new Dream M!X that will compliment the existing Dream M!X quite well! Contrary to popular belief, the Dream M!X is HOT!

This purple Dream M!X will feature Pianitchi, and some of her favorite items including her famous purple beret with the letter “P” on it, and her SMAPI (a digital music device).

What a minute, did Bandai just release this new Dream M!X just to add Pianitchi? It appears so, apparently the Dream M!X is selling VERY well because the shiny new design attracts the target audience and the characters are very popular due to their appear in the anime series. In fact Bandai boasts that Dream M!X sales are 170% higher than sales of the Melody & Spacy M!X!

Bandai will continue running the latest Tamagotchi M!X commercial during the public holidays in Japan this May as they expect the new Dream M!X to be a hit, as the other Dream M!X’s were. Updates to the M!X Station will include new locations, goodies, and compliment the new Dream M!X.

The purple Dream M!X will be available in Japan starting in April, and is expected to be priced similarly to the other M!X versions.