New Tamagotchi 3D Game Coming to Nintendo 3DS


You may recall Bandai’s previous series of Nintendo DS games, Tamagotchi Corner Shop; well there have been several games since and the newest one is coming out this November.

The game is titled “Tamagotchi No Puchi Puchi Omisetchi – Collect Popular Shops” and is scheduled to launch in Japan on November 16, 2017. This game should have a very similar concept to the Corner Shop series. You will run shops, some of which that were featured in the Corner Shop series, such shops include hair dressers shop, and more! As your shop grows and handles more customers you will grow your shop and it will enlarge as it does on the Corner Shop series. New shops include a fireworks shop, ice cream parlor, space travel shop, and many more!

There are over 200 characters featured, even some new faces from the M!X lineup. Another cool feature is that the town will have a daytime and nighttime mode based on your Nintendo DS’s system time.

This game will integrate with the new Tamagotchi M!X, through the exchange of passwords you’ll be able to download exclusive items!

More information is developing and we will definitely keep you updated. Several Japanese retailers are holding pre-orders, and we suggest you place yours soon. A 17cm long Tamagotchi bag will be distributed to customers who pre-order a copy of the game at retailers while supplies last.