BREAKING: Tamagotchi M!X Anniversary Gift Version Details


Bandai Japan has delivered yet ANOTHER Tamagotchi M!X version, this time its all about gifts as it is released on the 21st anniversary. The Tamagotchi M!X Anniversary Gift Set will include an all-new Tamagotchi M!X Anniversary Gift Version, a limited edition Tamagotchi lanyard, and the “Perfect Tama Book”.

The Perfect Tama Book features 64 pages of information about your favorite Tamagotchi characters and locations, and it features beautiful graphics; some you haven’t seen yet!

On this version you are able to meet the 20th anniversary version characters, with the addition of Gifttchi, GiftMametchi (featuring the ever so adorable Bagubagutchi), and Santaclautchi.

Present Island is the new location on the M!X Anniversary Gift Version. Just by visiting Present Island you will receive a gift, and you can even exchange gifts with others there too.

Connecting the M!X Anniversary Gift Version to any other M!X will unlock some exclusive content! An included Tamagotchi calendar displays all the holidays and events your Tamagotchi celebrates so you’ll never miss one.

The M!X Anniversary Gift Version also gets exclusive items from the Tamagotchi M!X Station that can be found in several locations throughout Japan.

The Tamagotchi M!X Anniversary Gift Version will be released on the 21st anniversary of Tamagotchi, November 23rd 2017. Pricing for the Gift Set, which is the only wait to get your hands on the M!X Anniversary Gift Version will be roughly ¥7700, although retailers will probably price it slightly lower. We will keep you updated as more information rolls in! We also want to hear from you, are you excited about this version?

*Special thanks to @tokyodirectdiary for translations