Coming Soon: Gudetama Tamagotchi!



Thats right! Bandai has just announced that they have partnered with Sanrio once again to launch an all-new Gudetama Tamagotchi! The Sanrio M!X has definitely proven that Tamagotchi fans LOVE Sanrio characters, and now Bandai wants to continue the Sanrio love fest.


The new Gudetama Tamagotchi will be very similar to the original Tamagotchi, featuring a monochromatic display, keychain, and classic egg shape. Users will take care of Gudetama’s as they become various types of Gudetama depending on the type of care provided. Meaning that there will be different outcomes of growth depending on your quality of care. If you ultimately do not treat your Gudetama well, then that little egg it might just get cooked or even eaten!


The Gudetama Tamagotchi will be released in Japan on December 27th for about ¥2300 excluding tax. If you want the Gudetama Tamagotchi along with the stylish Gudetama cover that will cost you ¥3500 excluding tax. Information is still very limited, as details are released we will be sure to keep you updated!

Who else is just loving this Bandai/Sanrio love fest?

*Special thanks to @tokyodirectdiary for translations