BREAKING: Tamagotchi M!X Dream M!X Version Leaked!



Bandai Japan is about to release yet ANOTHER version of the popular Tamagotchi M!X, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Tamagotchi M!X Dream M!X Version is the latest of many Tamagotchi M!X versions, but this one is all about Dream Town! This new M!X features Dream Town and some of your favorite Dream Town characters, Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi, and Spacytchi.

The M!X Dream Version will be available in two colors, one in pink, the other in blue, both featuring cute faceplates and matching buttons. The image above also reveals that we will of course be able to marry these characters and create an infinite possibility of mixes!

There will be new items exclusive to the Dream Version, and new destinations such as Dream Town! Looks like we’ll be able to visit Dream School real soon from the screenshot above!

There is no further information provided from the leaked image above, so we do not have a launch date. If we had to guess it would be sometime in the early summer. We are SO excited to hear that there is yet again another version of the Tamagotchi M!X! This one might just be our favorite, or maybe the Sanrio version. How excited are you?

*Special thanks to @nijifuwatchi and @tokyodirectdiary

**UPDATE: The Dream M!X Version is set to launch in late July of 2017, this is indicated in small font under the barcode in the image above.