Mithrandir is all grown up now!

Mithrandir is
all grown up now!





LEAKED: Tamagotchi Some, Korea’s Tamagotchi Me…



Awesome news for Korean Tamagotchi fans! The beloved Tamagotchi Meets device is making its way to Korea, under the name Tamagotchi Some! A recently leaked image above shows off the four shells and two versions that will be available. Information is super limited at this time, but we think it’s safe to believe that programming is identical to the Tamagotchi Meets & On with the exception of language.

Similar to the Tamagotchi On, the Tamagotchi Some will be available in four different colored shells. The fairy version comes in blue and pink, while the magical version comes in purple and, yes, white! It looks like they have chosen to drop the magical green in favor for the white, which is rather exclusive in Japan!

Also take a look at these new faceplates! The fairy versions have color flowers and bows that have been added to the existing butterfly and heart design. While the magical version feature a moon, jack-o-lanterns in additional to the existing star design, noticeably missing are the rainbows!

These devices are slated for a launch in October in Korea. As more information develops we will be sure to seep you updated! Bandai continues to show their dedicated to the Tamagotchi brand, worldwide. It is awesome to see this device released in so many countries. Official launch countries include: Japan, America, Canada, and now Korea! Maybe we’ll see some more soon, the UK & Europe folks are begging!

neopets-is-not-a-dating-site: Here’s the fina…


Here’s the final paint job. I got too close with the spraypaint on the front so it looks a bit lumpy. However, the back turned out excellent, so if I’m more careful next time I think I can do a better job

Tamagotchi Mini, also known as Chibi, is per…

Tamagotchi Mini, also known as Chibi, is perfect for people who are busy. It’s not demanding at all. It’s possible to feed your character meals and snacks, to clean up after him/her, to give him/her medicine, and also to turn the lights on or off.

graytoontown: yesterday night I just!!really …


yesterday night I just!!really wanted 2 draw some zuccitchi



when I tried to breed my tamagotchis my osutchi just went black and glitched out and now back to being an egg.. is this a glitch that can occur or is it just mine being like that?

It’s a very rare glitch, but yes, it happens.

Cinnamoroll everything 😍💕

Cinnamoroll everything 😍💕

The batteries died just as I took the photo 😭…

The batteries died just as I took the photo 😭 how cute is this Jumpluff plushie though!